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The main goal of Riseup-PPD COST Action is to establish a Pan-European multidisciplinary network of researchers dedicated to the understanding of Peripartum Depression Disorder (PPD), from its prevention and assessment to its treatment and global impact.

Currently available European estimates, show that PPD prevalence ranges from 4% to 38%, carrying several consequences for women, newborns-infants, and family systems, representing a socioeconomic burden to society.

Riseup-PPD aims at filling gaps in PPD research, practice and social awareness by developing updated reviews fostering research efforts on the standardization of diagnostic criteria, the development of adequate screening tools and cost-effectiveness evaluation of prevention and treatment programs. Additionally, the Action seeks to bridge multidisciplinary knowledge on the determinants of depressive symptoms in the peripartum period, and the mechanisms of action and change. Finally, Riseup-PPD also aims at building a shared database providing research teams with large quality-controlled datasets.

Riseup-PPD (COST Action CA18138) is funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union through COST.

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